2009 International Workshop on Developing Bioenergy and Conserving the Natural Ecosystem in APEC Member Economies

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2009 International Workshop on Developing Bioenergy and Conserving the Natural Ecosystem in APEC Member Economies

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February 2010

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SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation(SCE), Agricultural Technical Cooperation(ATCWG)





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These papers are the presentations of an international conference held in Korea on 15-17 September 2009. This international workshop titled “Developing Bioenergy and Conserving the Natural Ecosystem” provided an opportunity for all the participants to share the experiences of the developing economies regarding to the bioenergy technologies.

Session I
1. "Low Carbon Green Growth" strategy in Korea
2. Biomass Energy From Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Korea
3. Bioenergy in New Zealand

Session II
1. Biomass Strategy and Biomass Town Project in Japan
2. German Biogas Success Story and the Requested Political Framework
3. Opportunities for Biogas Capture and Use from Animal Waste Management

Session III
1. Development of Biogas and Biomass Power Technology in China
2. Case Study of Biogas Production from Plant-Based Materials
and Animal Manure Resources Available In the Cocoa and Coffee Farms
3. Treatment of Wastewater and Sludge in China, and its Perspective as Bio-Energy Sources Around Towns for Supplying Energy Needs
4. Biogas Recovery from Piggery Wastewater by Anaerobic Digestion
5. Biogas Development in Viet Nam - Opportunities and Challenges
6. Biogas System from Swine Waste in Thailand

Session IV
1. Production of Bio-crude and Bio-phenols from Agricultural Residues or by-Products through Direct Liquefaction
2. Biodiesel Promotion in Thailand
3. Study on Crude Oil Productions and Supercritical Clean and Green fuels on Application of Liquefaction Technology with Agricultural Biomass
4. Outlook of Palm Biodiesel in Malaysia

Session V
1. Biobutanol Production Technologies with Agricultural Biomass
2. Biobutanol:Green Energy Production
3. Overview of Legal Framework on Biofuels in Viet Nam
4. Development of Biodiesel in China