Cleaner Production and Sustainable Technology Case Studies from APEC Economies, September 2006

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Cleaner Production and Sustainable Technology Case Studies from APEC Economies, September 2006

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September 2006

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SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation(SCE), Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation(PPSTI)





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This compendium features success stories on cleaner production (CP) adoptions that have been initiated by industrial facilities from member economies of APEC. The purpose of this project is to quantify the cost/benefit of investing in CP and sustainable technologies by small and medium scale enterprises.

  • Introduction
  • Solvent recovery at automotive repair shops in Indonesia
  • Evaluating dyeing processes to cut costs at a textile company in Korea
  • Waste minimization and cost reduction in dyeing processes in Korea
  • Increasing productivity at a rubber company in New Zealand
  • Reusing wastewater at a fertilizer manufacturer in New Zealand
  • Integrating environment and quality in gelatin production in New Zealand
  • Preventing product loss at a meat processing plant in New Zealand
  • Cutting costs, improving efficiencies at a juice manufacturing facility in New Zealand
  • Solid waste minimization at a flexible packaging company in New Zealand
  • Improving refining process at a foundry in Peru
  • Applying waste minimization techniques at a paint manufacturer in Peru
  • Equipment modification at a smelting plant in Peru
  • Optimizing energy use at a textile company in Peru
  • Technology changes at a pastel bread making facility in the Philippines
  • Changing raw material specifications at a food canning plant in the Philippines
  • Optimizing production of truck and tractor-trailer brakes in USA
  • Eliminating CFCs and VOCs from an automotive air
  • conditioning and condenser plant in USA
  • Reduction of electricity consumption in seafood processing in Viet Nam
  • Production cost reduction at a metal finishing company in Viet Nam
  • Energy savings at a paper company in Viet Nam