APEC Study Centers Consortium

APEC Study Centers (ASCs) are institutions that foster research and academic discussions that support the broader APEC mission of regional economic integration. 

Each of the 21 member economies hosts centers, building networks between the academic professionals of the region. Today there are more than 50 ASCs, and together they form the APEC Study Centers Consortium (ASCC).

The ASCC holds an annual conference hosted by one of the centers in the APEC Host Economy for the year. The annual conference provides an opportunity for academics and scholars from around the region to discuss their research and identify areas for collaboration.

ASCs were part of the vision set out by APEC Leaders in 1993 when they launched the “APEC Leaders' Education Initiative.” The Education Initiative called on APEC members to foster regional cooperation among tertiary and research institutes to promote greater academic collaboration on key regional economic challenges.

ASCs are independent from APEC and their functions and funding arrangements are not uniform. Financial support is provided through both public and private funding, and research topics are usually chosen by individual study centers, which assures their independence and flexibility, ensuring the integrity of the ASC process.

Last page update: May 2018

Current Activities

APEC Study Centres Consortium Conference 2018

The 2018 APEC Study Centre Consortium Conference (ASCCC) will be held on 14-15 May 2018 at the International Convention Centre in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. The conference aims to support the overall objectives of APEC 2018 hosted by Papua New Guinea. It will also be another opportunity for APEC’s network of researchers, practitioners, and policy makers to inform and influence public policy for APEC member economies by examining in depth the theme and priorities of APEC 2018.

Papers selected include:

  1. Dr. Jeffery Noro, Papua New Guinea Department of Science and Technology. Topic: Development of Domestic Innovation Systems as Drivers for Economic Growth
  2. Dr. Darcy Allen, Blockchain Innovation Hub, RMIT Melbourne Australia. Topic:  The Economics and political economy of blockchain technology
  3. Prof. Tony Makin, Director APEC Study Centre, Griffith Business School, Queensland Australia. Topic:  Improving International Competitiveness via economic reform
  4. Dr. Robert Scollay, Director New Zealand APEC Study Centre University of Auckland. Topic:  How Deep is the CPTPP’s “Deep Integration”?
  5. Olga Ismagilova and Karina Kudaeva, Russian APEC Study Centre. Topic:  Key technology infrastructure constraints and strategies as APEC economies gear up for the digital revolution
  6. Tony Morisause, PNG DataCo Limited. Topic: Using telecommunication to grow economies and transform lives—a Papua New Guinea perspective
  7. Dr. Verena Thomas, Senior Research Fellow, and, Dr. Jackie Kauli Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Topic:  Leave no one behind—recognizing the challenges in creating inclusive spaces utilizing digital technologies
  8. Brad Jackson, Managing Director i2i Development, Queensland Australia. Topic:  Reducing Poverty through technology and an inclusive agribusiness model
  9. Dr. Wei Luo and Dr. Jiayun Xu, APEC Study Center of Nankai University, China. Topic: Service trade development among APEC members, the overall service trade, and the competitiveness of key service sectors

Earlier this year, the Papua New Guinea APEC Study Centre (PNG ASC) called for expressions of interest to present research, policy and best-practice papers. More than 25 papers have been selected from close to 80 submissions. The presenters will examine diverse topics exploring the conference theme of “Inclusive growth opportunities in an increasingly connected region.”

Registrations have now closed. For the program and more conference information, please visit Papua New Guinea’s National Research Institute website portal.

For more information please download this document (pdf).

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APEC Study Centres Consortium

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