In 2015 a Capacity Building Needs survey was conducted in which government representatives from 10 APEC developing member economies identified their top priorities for capacity building, particularly:

  • Mining Regulation, Governance and Practices Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) (e.g. community development, indigenous peoples, labour practices)
  • Environmental protection (e.g. biodiversity protection, water management, air pollution, noise and vibration control)
  • Private sector engagement & cooperation with the mining industry
  • Technology and Innovation (e.g. R&D, technology partnerships, information exchange and transfer)
  • Mine safety
  • Community engagement
  • Artisanal mining

In 2014, the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) conducted a comprehensive overview of the mining sector within APEC’s 21 economies. The study focused on the potential of hard-rock and bulk mining sector in the Asia-Pacific region, including resource endowment, production, investment and overall economic importance; identifies the socio-economic effects of mining in APEC member economies, including GDP, employment and infrastructure development, and local/regional impacts; outlines best practices for responsible and sustainable mining, both socially and environmentally, using case studies as examples; and assesses the impact of national government policy and regulations on investment in the mining sector. 

In 2010, a workshop on "Balancing Competing Demands of Mining, Community and the Environment to Achieve Sustainable Development in the Mining Sector" was held which targeted government officials and industry representatives in developing APEC economies. In addition to building members' capacity with respect to mine rehabilitation and reclamation, the workshop helped members implement policies that incorporated a deeper consideration of the environmental and social implications of mining.

A "Conference on Sustainable Development of Mining Sector in the APEC Region" was held in July 2009 in Singapore. The Conference focused on how to apply the concept of sustainable development in the mining sector in APEC-based on the comprehensive review of the latest trends in this sector. A report was compiled on the findings of the project. In February 2011, the final report on “Sustainable Development in Mining in APEC” was presented to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (UNCSD).

A Workshop on "Creating a Framework for Corporate Social Responsibility Stakeholder Dialogue: Mining Industry Operations" was held in September 2009 in Peru to intensify the dialogue among governments (in particular, local representatives), industry, and civil society groups regarding how best to improve the efficiency, transparency and accountability concerning the sustainable development of an economy's natural resource endowment at the local, regional and national levels.